104 words per minute


I bought a mechanical keyboard. Like everyone else, in the middle of the pandemic, there was nothing better to do than buying stuff, and keyboards? they seemed great.

Alright. Got a Keychron. They're decently priced, not super expensive like a Rama (ha, more on that later), and apparently, they should be fine.

I learned how to type fast. From 32 wpm to 104 wpm.

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I think it was last year when I got my first mechanical keyboard, driven by the enormous hype of it, I surrendered to my capitalist self and bought a Keychron K1 from amazon.

The K1 is a low profile keyboard, this means is not has high as other keyboards, compared with the apple magic keyboard the difference is not that dramatic.

[Image of the comparison]

But this doesn't feel like the real thing, Jitachi, and you're right, that's why I got another keyboard. So I got another Keychron, this time a K8 that promised a real mechanical experience with switched and all of that.

Englebart offered the keyboard as an example of a complicated input device. It takes considerable time and effort to learn touch-typing, he said, but once mastered, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of fast text input.

Why is it a good idea to learn touch typing?
(learning qwerty layout or any other)